Had the best facial which made my skin glow. Staff is very friendly and helpful in deciding what is best for your skin. Looking forward to my next visit soon.

Rhonda G.

AWESOME! This place offers alternative ways to feel better and also to look young again. Always looking to do it in the least invasive way. Loved the entire staff and professionalism. Great job!

Angel D.

I visited the spa at west ashley rehab and could not be happier! The staff are the most upbeat and friendly people, I absolutely love Bri and Eva! They make you feel at home and really help you meet your goals. I would definitely recommend anything they have to offer at the spa, from Facials to Laser Lipo to the eyebrow and lash specialist! These ladies are wonderful!

Camren B.

Everyone in that office was a pleasure do deal with and they helped me out as if I was the only patient, from what I saw everyone gets that same attention definitely very professional: from call backs, helping me out with instructions, taking time to sit and talk with me not feeling rushed, my kind of place and thank the whole staff for making my life much better.

Kirk L.

Dr. Luckie is awesome! With genuine concern for the welfare of patients, he takes time to address whatever issues you have and, works to resolve them. His staff is warm, friendly and, engaging and, treat you like family, rather than just patients. I highly recommend them!

Dianne V.

This is an amazing place! Thought I had hurt my back in a bad way, stopped in and Dr Luckie had me feeling amazing within a few hours. He went above and beyond for me. He noticed a few symptoms that weren't related to my back and had me meet with the medical staff and treated me for that as well. This place really goes above a beyond for the patients! I will never go anywhere else.

Josh P.

Great experience with Dr. Luckie and his staff. There are always friendly and the results has been excellent. They provide exceptional service and will make any situation right. They always make me feel better when I go there.

Gettys G.

After reaching my highest weight, I decided to do something about it. I chose West Ashley Wellness and Rehab to help me achieve my weight loss goals. After 10 weeks on their program I am down almost 30 lbs. The staff is friendly and great to work with. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who wants or needs to lose weight! After my 4 months are over I plan to sign back up and continue with my weight loss and lifestyle change goals!

Patricia H.

Couldn't ask for a nicer Dr. and better trained staff. I have visited many times WAWR and can't say enough. I send all my Charleston friends to Dr. Luckie. They not only offer chiropractic therapy but so much more now from stem cell therapy to medical weight. Love them!!!!! GO! You will not be disappointed!

Nicole M.

I can not recommend this place enough. I started my journey a year ago on testosterone and leaped into the weight loss program. It has been hard and a struggle but we'll worth every step. This place has become family and I love Christina to death.

Mike S.

Dr. Luckie saved me from over 6 months of pain i had endured from an old shoulder injury / torn rotator cuff. It had become so bad, my shoulder would constantly throb throughout the night, and I would have to use only one arm to pull my shirts over my head when changing clothes because i couldn't fully lift my hurt arm any longer. Every day was pure agony.
I became despite. As much as I was afraid to death to ever get adjusted, or have much medical work done, I couldn't live this way anymore. So i went to see Dr. Luckie, and he explained everything he could see going on with me with ease. He treated me with patience, and kindness explaining each step to make sure I was comfortable throught the whole treatment.

Dr. Luckie used a stem cell acustic wave treatment on my shoulder which I can not recommend enough. It reduces inflammation, and calls positive blood cell growth to the injured area of the body to help heal.I mean like WOW! After the first treatment I went home and iced my shoulder, slept on it. Not kidding, two days later, I could lift my arm. something I couldnt do for months without pure pain.
I have been back since to get adjusted, and use the acustic wave treatment on mid back pain with the same positive results. Trust me, a medical phobic if you will, DON'T wait. Have Dr. Luckie treat you and give you your life back. I'm not kidding.

Michelle P.

My adjustment today was so amazing! I told Dr.Luckie it felt like he lifted all of 2019 off my shoulders!

Christy P.

My mom and I were in a major car accident on Nov. 2, 2020. Dr. Luckie was referred to us. We feel blessed and grateful to Dr. Luckie, Rebecca, and Tayor for making us feel comfortable. Dr. Luckie took the time to not only hear but also listen to what my two major problems were from the accident and my mom's concern. One of my problems was do to whiplash. I couldn't tilt my head back without having massive pain in my cervical neck or headaches. After doing some tests, Dr. Luckie did some adjustments, gave me Bio-Freeze for the sore muscles, and I rested. Now, I'm able to tilt my head back without any pain or headaches related to the accident. What's more, Dr. Luckie was extremely gentle with me because I do have fibromyalgia. Even my mom healed up nicely. Again, my mom and I feel incredibly blessed and thankful to have been recommended West Ashley Wellness and Rehab

Andrea S

My 1 year old daughter has been struggling with stomach problems since birth. We have been to so many doctors including 2 GI doctors and nothing seemed to really give us a long term solution. She is on medication and has been tested for several different lower GI disorders and she was still miserable (which made the whole family miserable with her!). Dr Luckie started adjusting her and helping me learn ways to help her naturally. She is sleeping better, eating better and even is walking better! Highly recommend Dr Luckie and his dedicated staff!

Whitney E