Learn more about our hair restoration process

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma, is super-concentrated blood plasma that is injected into your scalp. It contains growth factors that can stimulate new hair growth. Basically, it "wakes up" hair follicles that have gone dormant. Our system involves using your own blood to create the PRP treatment.

We use the Magellan PRP system to create the PRP formula. This ensures that the PRP treatment is "from the client, and for the client". Many peer-reviewed studies have found this to be an efficient method of treatment for hair loss.

Each treatment is different, so chose one from below that works for you:

Package A, which is a two-month treatment that comes with one PRP treatment each month.
Package B, is a two-session treatment which includes two PRP treatments.
Package C, is a three-month treatment which includes three PRP treatments.

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